Family Owned Gems in Temecula Wine Country

Once a secluded, sleepy agricultural preserve, today the Temecula Valley wine country is home to over two dozen wineries, offering award winning wines, top restaurants and a host of other activities that make this a sought after day trip to over 150,000 visitors per year.

If it’s been several years since you lasted visited the Temecula wine country, then it’s time to plan another trip. In the past ten years, this region has seen the number of wineries increase ten fold, with more on the way. Once considered by wine enthusiasts as an inferior location to make premium wines, today, that is no longer the case. Because of winemaking and viticulture improvements, as well as increased knowledge of the valley and its prime location, Temecula wineries have received countless awards and top honors from prestigious wine competitions throughout the world.

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Discover Riverside’s Historic Mission Inn and the Festival of Lights

The holidays are all about creating memories, and perhaps there is no more magical experience in all of Southern California, than the extraordinary light display at Riverside’s Mission Inn.

Known as The Festival of Lights, this spectacular event starts Friday, November 27 through January 2, 2015 and one of the nation’s largest holiday light collection. A Christmas tradition for the past 22 years, guests come away each year believing the event only gets better and last year’s festival was no exception. With one quick switch, on opening night, this historic hotel instantly illuminates with more than 4 million twinkling lights. As if this is not enough, a spectacular fireworks display quickly follows, lighting up the entire sky. Look carefully and you will see musical angels, carolers on the balconies and even a Santa Claus climbing up the chimney.

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