Uber ! Why you should go with a Professional Chauffeur Transportation Company

Uber, is an app that you download on your phone, and you use it to have strangers in their cars pick you up. Then they transport you to your destination in a rushed manner, so they can driver someone else. After that the transportation company will quickly and quietly take the money from your credit card and charge you more for a service that was miserable.

How to become a Uber Driver? Have a license, be 21 years of age or older, have a car, download the app and watch a 13 minute YouTube video on how to be an Uber driver. Uber attempts to screen drivers, but have come up short;  lists of many reports of inappropriate behavior from drivers, which have endangered the safety of passengers and/or compromised their privacy can be easily found. Check out this video link for more about Uber.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transport or Ambulette Transportation, is a specially equipped motor vehicle for transporting people who are disabled or convalescing and have mobility issues.

So if you or a loved one needs to get transported to and from the doctor’s office or where ever. We want to help you by provided safe, reliable and professional transportation. Our chauffeurs are CPR and First Aid certified; and they are professional and courteous to our clients. Helping them with what ever they might need. Our continuous safety and accident prevention training eliminated all serious incidents resulting in personal injuries of our passengers and staff.

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