How Our Polite Drivers measure Up

How Our Drivers measure up to the Competition

Many people tend to wonder about transportation services. The fear is the big “what if” is the polite drivers a __ ?  The Uber and the Lyft drivers are popular in the news today many of us hearing about drivers attacking passenger etc. Many people worry about such terrible things because our world is not perfect. Our world is not all sunshine and rainbows. Unlike, Uber and Lyft the issue is the driver hired is he/she actually the one that is taking you or someone special to where they need to go? It is not hard for a driver with Uber and Lyft to switch places with a trusted friend that is not screened at all. There is no accountability with the competition. Is who was hired actually the one that is driving you? This is a scary thought.

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Summer Wedding Special 2016

At The Perfect Limo, we have been providing affordable luxury wedding limo service & luxury wedding party bus transportation in the Southern California area for 20 years now. The Perfect Limo is committed to making your wedding day as special and memorable as you hoped it would be. All our wedding special limousines or wedding party buses are newer vehicles and thoroughly maintained by the staff at The Perfect Limo. We personally choose our chauffeurs to be personable and professional, and they are specifically trained for all aspects of the job. The wedding limousine or wedding party bus come furnished with a complimentary bar of sodas, waters, a bottle of champagne or cider, red cups, glassware and ice.

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How to Keep your Luxury Vehicles in Top Condition

Exterior (Wash & Wax)

The best way to maintain today’s clear coat-paint finishes is to keep your Luxury Vehicles clean and free of dirt, bird droppings, insect residue and leaves. Regular washing is critical to paint finish maintenance. You can’t keep a paint finish too clean.

To wash your vehicle, use either the low automatic conveyerized “soft-cloth” car wash or do it by hand. The safest automatic car wash is a professional conveyerized “soft-cloth” wash. Washes that use sufficient car wash shampoo and water on the cloth are actually safer for the finish than hand washing, because the constant flow of water and the professional shampoos provide a barrier between the washing cloth and the paint. Don’t use automatic car washes in self-service car wash locations or the small automatic ones in gas stations. These are usually not well maintained and often only use a little shampoo or none at all. Also don’t use “touch less car washes.”

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