Celebrating a Milestone? Great Ideas to Make Your Day Enjoyable

Are you or someone you know planning a milestone celebration this year? Maybe it’s a special birthday, anniversary,  retirement or a group of friends gathering together for a reunion.  Part of making the event one to remember, is by making it unique.  Here are some of the best ideas we have gathered to create a memory invoking, one of a kind occasion!

  • Pick A Decade:  Celebrating a big birthday? What about a reunion? Dress in the decade that you were born, or the year you graduated!  A popular theme is a 70’s party. Bell bottoms, boots, polyester, big hair, disco music, not to mention the infamous disco ball are sure to get the party started.  Include a scavenger hunt for 70’s items. For a 1950’s party, besides the attire and music, you can arrange games special to that era, such as a hula hoop contest.   

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Visit Beautiful Malibu in the Fall

Did you know that the very best time to visit Malibu is in the fall and spring?

With the large summertime crowds gone and temperatures still desirable, this is an ideal getaway whether it’s for a weekend or a day trip.

Approximately 70 miles, or 1 ½ hours away from Orange County, Malibu, or the “bu” as it is called,  is set along 27 miles of beautiful coastline with approximately 30 spectacular beaches.  Home to the rich and famous and the generally affluent, this community is known for its oceanfront homes, one of a kind beaches, unforgettable sunsets, upscale retail centers, hiking trails and more.  And while it’s a haven for the Hollywood elite, Malibu is welcomed for its laid back, approachable lifestyle.  

Some of the best places to visit, people watch, dine and explore are listed below for those unfamiliar of all that the town offers.  From wine tasting to surfing, here is a compilation that is fit for any budget.

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Tailgating this Football Season?

Let The Perfect Limo be Your Designated Driver

Are you ready for some Football?  It’s hard to believe, but football is now underway.  With the return of the Los Angeles Rams, this season should be especially exciting for Southern California residents.  As the saying goes, football isn’t just a game, it’s  a way of life for millions of diehard fans.  If you are planning on attending any of the games, whether it be the Rams, San Diego Chargers, UCLA, USC or any other college football game, now is the time to book your limo or party bus to ensure everyone has reliable and safe transportation.  

Why should you book services from The Perfect Limo?  Aside from the safety issues, we can assist you in creating a custom pre-game experience that will make your experience even more enjoyable.  

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